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tv   Washington Journal Representative Blake Farenthold  CSPAN  February 8, 2017 7:33am-8:06am EST

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what they got for two years of beatings and arrests. documentary the regulators focusing on pollution regulation in the national parks. wasongressman paul rogers now revising that law. although a great deal at been accomplished in cleaning up the nation's air, the slides were alarming evidence that the parts were still unprotected. >> at 6:30, historians talk about the movement and groups that were part of the counterculture in the 1960's and 1970's. >> people who produced the counterculture, the council of the summer of love, are the people we should be interested in as scholars. not so much the counterculture as spectacle or a series of iconic events or celebrity figures, but as a project. a way in which a group of people tried to do something in
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real-time. >> for our complete american history tv schedule, go to >> "washington journal" continues. republican congressman blake farenthold joins us. you think the lawyers from the trump administration did yesterday in making their case for the president's travel ban? guest: it is not a ban, it is a temporary suspension. i'm not willing to surrender that language. they've got the law on their side here. they have the ninth circuit, the most reversed circuit in the country. they have an uphill battle. host: what do you mean by that? guest: the ninth circuit court cases go up to this record, they ghest reversal
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rating. -- go up to the supreme court. i've been a lawyer for a long time. i know better than to predict what the court is going to do. i believe the law'is on the trump administrations side. -- the law is on the trump administration's side. multiple presidents have taken advantage of this law to block immigrants from certain countries during certain times. right now, the political climate is very unpredictable. if you ask me a couple months ago if we would have students out burning up their campuses because they did not want conservative speakers come i would have laughed at you. the emotions are running so high right now, it may spill over into the judiciary. host: the executive order on extreme betting not the only order that is getting a lot of focus when it comes to border
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security. i want to ask you about the border wall as a member from a border state in texas, what are your feelings on that and where the money will come from to do that? president trump made a campaign promise that he was going to build a wall and he is living up to that campaign promise. mexico is going to pay for it. there is a wide variety of ways mexico can pay for it. there's a border adjustment tax that would apply in mexico. there may be an opportunity to use seized drug funds to pay for it. it will make a dent in it. there are a variety of sources that can be used. the wall certain areas geographically doesn't make sense. you need a layered approach. unmanned vehicles,
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balloons, sensors, cameras and enough portal agents to enforce the border. you have to deport the folks that are caught. not some sort of catch and release program where they are caught and just plain released or released on a personal recognizance bond. host: where does the money go now? doesn't it go to law enforcement agents? guest: it depends on the federal participation. it is split between the local police and/or the federal government depending on the participation. host: when it comes to that $25 billion, if congress has to fund part of it come are you willing to fund that money before there is a guarantee that mexico will pay the united states back? guest: we have to find the money
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to pay for it. if we have a plan for getting it back, the government has a low interest rate on money they borrow. into moreave to go debt -- host: congressman blake farenthold is with us. will be with us for another 25 minutes. if you have questions or comments, republicans can call 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. jason is up first from colorado springs. line for republicans. caller: i wanted to make a comment about not just immigration but also this issue with the injunction and restraining order. the open border on the southern border is just as much an issue as the immigration rolling.
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there is a constitutional crisis. he is executing from the bench and thus violated the balance of powers. federal judge is sitting in the place of the president and overstepping his bounds of jurisdictional authority which he does not have. which clearly indicates that federal restraining orders are only binding to the parties of the federal lawsuit applies and he cannot speak on behalf of of all of these other states. i would like a comment from the representative on this judge and his jurisdiction. guest: i think you are right. the whole ruling was way overreaching. the law is on the trump administration's side. an even split in the supreme court, i think they folkset the more moderate
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to say this is way over the bound. there are a wide variety of options. host: florida. jim is waiting. line for independents. caller: i have a suggestion for a law that's i think it would be pretty simple because there's po x on both your houses. you set the protocols. immigration felony if you overstay your visa or come in illegally. once you have an immigration felony on your record, you cannot become a citizen of the united states. it is real simple, real cut and dry. thank you very much. guest: i think we need to enforce our immigration laws that are there. there is a ban on folks that are deported coming back for a
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five-year period. we are in the bind we are in eight now because th president obama was overstepping his authority by using this executive amnesty beyond what it was intended. we have fairly decent immigration laws on the books right now. let's get the border secure and see how it works and then the conversation is right for having a discussion about what needs to be fixed. what ity don't know would be like in this country if the border was actually secure and we were enforcing the laws that we have. president reagan promised to secure the borders in exchange for the amnesty program and that has even been done yet.'t even been done let's get the border secure and then make tweaks and immigration system. host: is that law already on the books?
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guest: it is not a felony to overstay your visa. no, that is not on the books. if we were to implement the entry exit tracking system where we track when people come in and go out, i don't understand why we can't do this. , you are givenn a card and you run it through a kiosk when you leave. it's not that hard of an i.t. challenge to do that. you know who the overstay yours are coming you can start tracking them now. are, you cans start tracking them now. host: maryland. line for democrats. go ahead, rene. caller: i want to take issue with some of the earlier comments -- the representative stated there are people from certain countries that are being banned. of the from the rhetoric
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president and his advisers that it was a muslim been. the reason the judges are getting involved is because they are targeting muslims, not just people from individual countries. it's disingenuous for you to act like these comments were not said. it is disingenuous to act like we haven't seen that the target is toward muslims and that there will be exceptions for christians. is in his jurisdictional authority to make constitutional judgments on this. guest: i disagree completely. the word ban suggests it is something permanent. nowhere in the executive order doesn't mention religion. -- does it mention religion. there are 40 plus more predominantly muslim countries that aren't included in that exact order.
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christians caught up in this temporary pause as well. the president has granted broad discretion in this. in aercised it constitutional manner. host: on the messaging around what to call this and use of the word "ban" by administration officials, has there been confusion in the rollout by the administration? guest: this is a language issue. that is part of what happens if you are in washington, you choose the most powerful language to make your argument. an" has a very negative connotation. it is a temporary's give us the opportunity to implement better security measures. pause to give us the opportunity. this we may have to
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rians because there no government to get information from to tell who is a good person and who is a bad person with concern to it will towards the net states. dust ill will towards the united states. with concern to ill will towards the united states. listen to those arguments from the ninth circuit court. we have a link on our site, greg is up next from wisconsin. the morning. -- good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. the last caller was pretty clear in my opinion in terms of some of the differences. i have been a longtime conservative.
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one of the things i talk about is our poor messaging and poor getting across the facts. with this border wall come in many people who follow the money -- with this border wall, many people who follow the money would be concerned about last jobs for american citizens and the cost of illegal immigrants ring in our country -- being in our country. i need to hear those backs from you and everybody else needs to hear those backs and you will get a lot more support for the border wall. -- those facts from you and everybody else needs to hear and you will get a lot more support for the border wall. guest: it is a constant battle with the drugs and people coming 69, now u.s. 77
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and 59 from rio grande to houston and points north. that happenedent yesterday in a meeting with , president trump think he would destroy the career of a texas state senator after a texas sheriff complained about the unnamed lawmaker. i want to get your thoughts on that incident. guest: the rhetoric is very high right now. seen the rhetoric so high right now. emotionso tap down the and work at solving the nation's problems. it is everybody's responsibility. it is president trump, it is the democrats, it is people out there protesting. give the guy a chance. you talk about zero honeymoon
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period for donald trump, it is amazing what is going on right now and the polarization and the negativity. it is not good for the country. host: did people take that comment too seriously? guest: everything said gets blown up beyond what the intent is. donald trump has a certain skill at being -- and saying what is on his mind and that is something people like about him. he doesn't worry about what the politically correct thing is. he speaks his mind and that is refreshing after years of politically correct administrations that would just -- just asto you soon line to you as tell you the truth. there is a contrast between
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president obama and donald trump. host: north carolina. ray is an independent. , if you aremerica 18 years old, your parents are responsible for you. why do illegal immigrant have to answer for the actions of the parents? the parents should be responsible. they are not supposed be working. how are you living in this country? restaurantsne to with a rating -- why don't they go to businesses and look at who is working in these businesses unannounced? of lackne of the areas of enforcement with immigration laws is not going after the businesses -- the businesses
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that exploit illegal aliens. if you are in this country paid belowif you are minimum wage, you have no recourse against your employer. of congressssed out that needs to be thoroughly implemented is the electronic verify system. right now, it is a voluntary system where employers can go online and type in the social security number and name of the person and see if they match. e-verify needs to become mandatory and there needs to be severe sanctions for employers who exploit people who are not in this country legally. host: democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. the comprehensive immigration plan that came out of the senate
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, it went to the house and they threw it in the trash can. plan?as wrong with that the public has never seen it, never heard anything about it. we would like to know. if that plan would have at least been passed, we would not be going through what we are going for now. guest: there was a lot of publicity around it. you can track it down online pretty easily through or the other websites out there. need to take a step by step approach to immigration. we should have learned our lesson with obamacare with comprehensive. let's have bills that are bite-size chunks that people can understand, not 2000 page misses that nobody reads. i get back to the conversation about what to do about our immigration system needs to wait until we've got our border secure. the emotion on both sides will drop down.
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we will have a feeling of what's going on in country, what we need to do to meet the economic needs of this country and what we choose to do on a humanitarian basis. host: you brought up president obama and his actions when he was president. richard rogers has a question on twitter. guest: i don't. there are certain things congress has delegated to the president to make decisions about. for instance, the immigration says the president has the authority to block those coming country from places he considers to be a threat. host: georgia. line for democrats. good morning.
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i have an idea to pay for the fence. why don't we use some of that bomb subsidy you and your family get to pay for the fence? guest: we have to keep the safety net for our farmers. my family has been out in the farming game for 10 years now. host: west virginia. independent. hubert, good morning. caller: we are at war with the terrorists. aren't our borders shut down anyway? guest: this country has a long
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history of immigration. we make a lot of money from tourism. should shut our borders down. we need to know who is coming and going. don't meanknow they us harm. that is what president trump is trying to do with this temporary pause. by building the wall and securing our southern border anbertchultilaye
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